Vegfest Bristol 2016: why are you vegan?


We asked Vegfest-goers to tell us their reasons for going vegan. From dropping a few pounds to saving the planet, here’s what they had to say.

So why are you vegan? It’s a question that often makes the Miller Green team squirm.

Perhaps we should jump at the chance to raise awareness about the benefits of a vegan diet and convince people that we subsist on more than lettuce and incense. Then again, no one wants to be this person:

Vegan meme

How to explain and validate something so personal (and yet so political) as our diets is akin to the cringeworthy task of writing a covering letter or CV. Both situations necessitate talking about ourselves  – something that we Brits are far too reserved to enjoy – in the knowledge that we’re at risk of being heavily judged.

Luckily, Bristol Vegfest offered us an opportunity to come together with vegans, vegetarians and the vegi-curious alike to chat about our funny ways to our hearts’ content.

VegFest 2016

What was interesting was that the festival, which is one of Europe’s largest vegan events, provided a sort of ‘safe space’ for people to feel comfortable opening up about their relationship with food. Over the course of the day, our stall received visitors from all over the world, with whom we had some truly fascinating conversations. We asked some of them to jot down their reasons for becoming vegan and it was great to see so many people willing to share their experiences…


Miller Green asks Vegfest: why are you vegan?


“In summary, I became vegan for the animals. I also feel calmer, more aligned with my thoughts, lighter and daily living is easier.” (Heena Modi, vegan coach at PlantShift)

“I’ve been vegan for three years, purely for ethical reasons. It was to do with realising I was responsible and liking sentient beings.”

Aisha Eveleigh


“I’m motivated by environmental sustainability. I saw a documentary on how the meat and dairy industry are linked.”

“Realised eating cheese was a cop out.”

“I turned vegan for health reasons after seeing various Instagram posts. I’m now an ethical vegan also after seeing the usual documentaries on Netflix!”

“I’ve been vegan for 3 years, initially to be as healthy as I could be.”

Aisha Eveleigh

“Debated for a while for ethical reasons, but it was too much hassle. When I found the time, I went for it!”

“Watching Cowspiracy and family.”

“I was vegetarian for years and turned vegan after seeing YouTube videos on dairy production and egg farming.”

“Friends aren’t food!!”

Aisha Eveleigh

“I’m vegan because of animal agriculture’s devastating effect on the world, and also for the ethical consideration of animal rights.”

“The reason I became vegan is because I have a pain in the ass partner.”

“It is not right to eat your friend. The only way to stop the photos is to stop the violence.”

Aisha Eveleigh


If you were one of the lovely people who came to see us at Vegfest, thank you for all your support and don’t forget to use your loyalty card (and claim your free brownie!) next time you order from us.

Ceramics by Aisha Eveleigh, artist and animal rights activist. 

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People following a vegetable diet have lower rates of a number of health problems, including excess weight and obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, gallstones, kidney stones, constipation and diverticular disease.

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