Huntley and Gemma take the Veganuary challenge with a little bit of help from Miller Green

Huntley Hedworth
Huntley Hedworth

Meet the two great people who we are sponsoring to take the Veganuary challenge by adopting a vegan diet for January.   And we have a special offer for anyone else wanting to have a go.

We’ve had Stoptober when we all tried to give up smoking; we’ve had Movember when we all tried to grow moustaches (some of us more successfully than others); we now have Veganuary which invites us to go vegan for the of month of January.  After the excesses of the Christmas and New Year festivities, what better way to kick off 2017, helping to shift that excess weight,  get healthier and do a little bit to help make the world a cleaner and kinder place?

VeganuaryWe at Miller Green are getting right behind Veganuary.  Not only have we got a great offer for anyone who wants to give going vegan a go – details below – but we are sponsoring two great people to take the plunge and go vegan for the month.


Introducing Gemma David and Huntley Hedworth, our Miller Green January vegans.


Gemma David
Gemma David

Gemma is a Bristol-based acupuncturist as well as being a chinese medicine practitioner, coach, mindfulness and wellbeing teacher.  She says “I’ve been a vegetarian before but decided I wanted to try veganism after watching an animal welfare video which really shocked me.  I am also interested in how the diet is going to affect me both physically and mentally and what issues and challenges veganism is going to present.”  Gemma is going to report her experiences over the next month on her blog, as well as on Instagram @thequietheart and Twitter @the_quietheart.

Huntley is a photographer, a Geordie exile living in Bristol.  He would be a vegetarian for moral reasons which, taken to their logical limit, would mean veganism.   This has always seemed like way too much hard work, doing without eggs and honey and poring over teeny ingredients on packets of biscuits.  So when Veganuary came along he saw it as an opportunity to have a go, aided and abetted by Miller Green.  “I’m going to find lack of dairy the most difficult thing” he says.  “I can easily do without the meat.  I’m also very interested to see if there are general  health benefits that I’ve seen friends enjoy”.  Huntley is going to be blogging about his experiences as a rookie vegan – blog details to follow.

Miller Green’s Veganuary offer

If you fancy joining Huntley and Gemma and trying a vegan diet for a month, we can help make the transition easier with our home-made ready meals.  During January any second order from us during a working week (Tuesday to Saturday) carries a 10% discount and any third or subsequent orders that same week carry a 20% discount.  So, a regular sized first meal ordered in a week – say one of our curries or a stew –  would cost the standard £5, the second one ordered would cost £4.50 and the third and subsequent ones £4.  The discount operates per order, not per dish so any other elements of your second and subsequent orders also carry the discount. Our offer begins on 3rd January when we re-open after the Christmas/New Year break and runs to 31st January

If you’re interested in giving vegan a go, check out the Veganuary website which has lots of useful information and materials to support you.  Our own menu will be posted daily on our website from 3rd January if you would like a bit of help along the way!



Please note: From Feb 12 we are no longer making one-off deliveries other than for our subscription customers.
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A number of studies have found that people who eat vegetarian diets have lower rates of chronic disease and often live longer than those on predominantly meat-based diets.

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