The Best Vegan Cooking Channels on YouTube

There’s plenty of help out there for the rookie vegan who needs to learn some new kitchen skills.  Guest blogger Caroline Black has reviewed the cooking channels on YouTube and come up with a guide to some of the best. 

Whether you’re already living the vegan lifestyle or are thinking of making the switch to it, it’s always handy to find new tasty recipes and cooking tips for delicious vegan meals. The vegan diet has caught the attention of the masses these days with its environmental friendliness, health benefits and animal welfare attributes. Thanks to the vast amount of information and studies performed on the diet, it’s easier to back up our answers to the popular question, “Why are you vegan?”

Even still, many believe being vegan consists of eating “rabbit food” or boring, bland vegetables. In fact, the vegan diet is far from boring or bland. Vegetables do have an incredibly nourishing, natural flavour, but they can be prepared in such a way that’s like throwing a full-on party for your taste buds.

A great resource for finding new cooking tips, advice and recipes for vegans is YouTube. There are literally thousands of videos on YouTube orientated towards the vegan diet and way of life, so we’ve collected some of the best and will outline them below for you to explore further.

Before you dive into the channel content listed below, it’s worth noting that you should protect your activity while browsing videos on YouTube. When users are focused on sourcing information, they often forget that without a secure connection, they’re vulnerable to being hacked. Be sure to review Virtual Private Network options for YouTube if you haven’t already protected your devices.



Jason Wrobel

Jason has an explosive character, and if you get along with it, his YouTube channel can make discovering new vegan recipes and cooking ideas a blast. From giving advice on growing your own vegetables and herbs to sourcing sweeteners and supplements to enhance the flavours of your food, he has all areas covered. Jason does focus on raw food but still has many videos available on cooking and the vegan lifestyle overall. He also teaches how to break free from caffeine and other addictive substances, which is very useful for people who are just starting out.

Vegan Cooking with Love

Michelle Johnson is the host of the Vegan Cooking with Love YouTube channel, which focuses on cooking more than the raw diet. Favouring recipes with tofu, chickpeas and couscous, she shows how you can spice up your dishes with exotic herbs and ingredients in unique and powerful combinations. Michelle also likes to showcase traditional family favourite foods such as pancakes and brownies; it’s not all about savoury foods!

Fully Raw Kristina

For those who are interested in pursuing the raw diet, there’s no better channel to subscribe to than that of Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram’s Fully Raw Kristina. With low-fat recipes and ideas that are fit for main courses, lunchboxes and complete meals, you stand to learn a versatile range of skills and food options from Kristina. If you like the hippie style and natural paths to healthy living, you’ll find this YouTube channel extremely enjoyable and educational.

The Sweetest Vegan

Tasha Edwards runs The Sweetest Vegan YouTube channel, focusing on desserts and recipes that will satisfy and delight you if you’re known for having a sweet tooth. She’s got tarts the kids will love, as well as burgers and chicken alternatives all made from the finest vegan ingredients. These recipes are great for those who are looking to turn vegan or if you don’t want to say goodbye to certain flavour combinations.

The Vegan Zombie

The Vegan Zombie incorporates a zombie apocalyptic feel with vegan cooking. That may sound like an odd and wild concoction, but it clearly works for a lot of people since the channel has a hoard of subscribers and millions of views. Various recipes and classic American dishes are turned vegan on this cooking show, including vegan gyros and meatloaf. The video content also focuses on common questions and issues that need debating, such as, “Is palm oil vegan?”

Eco-Vegan Gal

This channel has a very informative yet light and fun feel to it. Whitney Lauritsen, a.k.a., Eco-Vegan Gal, gives a wide range of advice, such as how to cut caffeine out of your diet, how to run a sustainable vegan lifestyle and how to source affordable yet flavourful ingredients from regular stores and supermarkets. Buying healthy food from shops has a common stereotype attached to it, which is that it is more expensive. Whitney’s videos contain elements that demystify that stereotype, showing there are many affordable options for living a healthy vegan life.

It’s easily possible to create better tasting, more natural and healthy alternatives through vegan cooking, and these channels help bring great recipes to the masses.


Author bio: Caroline Black is a tech blogger and vegan who likes to help spread awareness of the many benefits the diet provides, both environmentally and biologically. She’s also a blogger in the online vegan community, teaching why this healthy way of life is becoming more prominent in today’s global society and why it needs to continue to do so.

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People following a vegetable diet have lower rates of a number of health problems, including excess weight and obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, gallstones, kidney stones, constipation and diverticular disease.

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