Meet our Veganuary challengers!

Meet Saharla Ismail and Sarah Starling, our Veganuary challengers.

We had a great response to our call out for the Veganuary challenge.  It was really difficult making a choice but choose we had to.  As well as delivering delicious, healthy meals to the people of Bristol, we want to spread the vegan message and to encourage people to make plant-based food a bigger part of their diet.    We were therefore looking for people with a good social media reach.

Sarah Starling and Saharla Ismail are both busy on social media and well up for the challenge. They are going vegan for the month with our support and will be documenting their experiences, the ups, the downs, the temptations, the benefits as they go.   Both have unsuccessfully tried going vegan in the past and are determined to give it 100% this time.

Sarah is a writer and teacher.  She writes for several websites and has actually tried Miller Green food before.  It was, she says, a very positive experience which made her more inclined to give Veganuary a go.  With all her writing and teaching commitments, Sarah has very little time for cooking and is looking forward to having healthy, tasty, home-cooked vegan food delivered.

Saharla is a student and keen Instagram user and vlogger.  As a self-confessed lazy cook and lover of junk food, she wants to move across to a vegan diet for the health benefits it brings.  She also says that veganism is not seen as a thing for ethnic minorities.  She wants to show people that it’s possible to be black, Muslim and vegan.

We’re with them all the way.  You can follow Sarah and Saharla’s stories here:



And remember, if you fancy joining them on the challenge, we can help. We are offering a 10% discount on any food ordered via our website in January. Just use the code jan10 when ordering.  Alternatively, for bigger discounts, you could sign up to our subscription service for the month.  See here for details

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Cutting out meat and dairy can markedly reduce your intake of fat, especially saturates. Even extra lean minced beef has over four times the fat of pulses.

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