Catering your event

Let Miller Green cater your party or gathering – our vegan dishes are fun, healthy, hearty and inexpensive.

How it works…

  • you order your dishes from our current range
  • we deliver them to you, chilled, ready for you to heat up
  • (we may be able to help with pans etc)

Please note that we do not:

  • provide crockery or cutlery
  • cater weddings or other such more ‘elaborate’ events.

More details will appear on this site soon, meantime contact us to find out more.


Please note: From Feb 12 we are no longer making one-off deliveries other than for our subscription customers.
the Miller Green tuk-tuk
Cutting out meat and dairy can markedly reduce your intake of fat, especially saturates. Even extra lean minced beef has over four times the fat of pulses.

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