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Miller Green creates vegetable-based dishes for people who love food.

Our recipes bring together classical  and international flavours and techniques to create beautifully balanced vegan dishes – we’ll be sharing that on our blog.

For several years we delivered delicious, healthy, freshly cooked meals to our subscription customers – chilled or frozen.


Most of us eat more meat and dairy than is good for either us, animals or the planet.  The problem is, it tastes so good and satisfying veggie alternatives are often hard to find.   The inspiration for Miller Green was to create a range of dishes which were so good that anyone thinking of moving to a healthier, more sustainable diet would barely notice the absence of meat, eggs or dairy products – dishes which have enough character, flavour and texture to satisfy even the most dedicated meat-eater.

If you are thinking about cutting out or just reducing the amount of meat and dairy products you eat, check out ‘Why veg?


Local business – our subscription service (now closed)

Sue with the Miller Green delivery vanFor six years, we cooked our dishes fresh and delivered to our subscription customers in Bristol. We learned a lot, and will be sharing much of that here in our blog.

Please note: We are no longer making deliveries.

(The rest of the website will catch up shortly.)



Miller Green allotment

The better the ingredients, the better the dish. Source locally wherever you can and from fair-trade suppliers wherever possible. In season we used produce which we grew ourselves on the Miller Green allotment.


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If your four-person family skips meat and cheese one day a week for a year it’s the equivalent of taking a typical car off the road for five weeks.

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