Huntley and Gemma take the Veganuary challenge with a little bit of help from Miller Green

Huntley Hedworth

Huntley Hedworth

Meet the two great people who we are sponsoring to take the Veganuary challenge by adopting a vegan diet for January.   And we have a special offer for anyone else wanting to have a go.

We’ve had Stoptober when we all tried to give up smoking; we’ve had Movember when we all tried to grow moustaches (some of us more successfully than others); we now have Veganuary which invites us to go vegan for the of month of January.  After the excesses of the Christmas and New Year festivities, what better way to kick off 2017, helping to shift that excess weight,  get healthier and do a little bit to help make the world a cleaner and kinder place?

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Miller Green Christmas specials (now finished)

UPDATE: Our Christmas specials are now fully subscribed
Why not make a note now to order early next year?
Happy Christmas from all of us at Miller Green

As December arrives and the real countdown to Christmas begins, we at Miller Green are getting the kitchen ready to prepare some lovely Christmas fare for our customers.   Read more ›

Miller Green announces new partnership with Penny Brohn UK

To tie in with Bristol’s Healthy City Week, we are delighted to announce our new partnership with Penny Brohn UK.  Penny Brohn UK is the Bristol-based national charity which helps people live well following a cancer diagnosis. We greatly admire their Bristol Whole Life Approach and the emphasis on good nutrition, self-care and mindfulness. Read more ›

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The Miller Green guide to leftovers: how to waste less and eat more

10 delicious ways to recycle your leftovers and reduce food waste .

If Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has taught us anything, it’s that we waste rather a lot of food:

“We live in a country where one third of the food we produce never gets eaten and the average household bins £700 worth of food a year.” (river

A rather shocking statistic, but one to which we’re probably all guilty of contributing. Armed with our council-issued compost bins, it’s easy to think that we’re doing our bit for the environment. However, we think that to really make a difference, we’ve got to be a bit more proactive.

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4 delicious, vegan alternatives to avocado on toast

As the environmental and ethical credentials of this fashionable fruit come under scrutiny, we offer four delicious, vegan alternatives to avocado on toast that won’t cost the earth.

It’s delicious, its simple to prepare and it’s packed with goodness. Small wonder that avocado on toast has become such a staple on the menus of fashionable cafés and restaurants. But, as with many things which seem too good to be true, avo on toast really is too good to be true. There is a dark back story emerging about the production of avocados which should make us think twice about the amount we consume.

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The cornershop vegan: how to get your protein without being pretentious

10 healthy vegan protein sources under £2 that you can buy in your local cornershop.

Good news! The number of vegans in Britain has risen more than 360 per cent over the past decade.

Nearly half (42 per cent) of these vegans are aged 15-34, a statistic that has piqued out interest at Miller Green. We think it no coincidence that the sociodemographic most in favour of giving up animal products is the younger generation.

Naturally, those with their whole lives ahead of them might give a bit more thought to both the bodies and the world they inhabit. They also tend to give a bit more thought to their pursestrings!

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How to celebrate all the vegan Olympians at Rio 2016

As the 2016 Rio Olympics gets underway, what better time to celebrate those athletes who have chosen a vegan diet to help propel them to the top of their game?

You probably remember the news stories in 2013 following New Zealand vegan couple Alan Murray (68) and Janette Murray-Wakelin (64) as they ran a marathon every single day for a year around the continent of Australia powered by an entirely a raw vegan diet. While that was an extraordinary feat regardless of what they ate, more and more elite athletes are opting to exclude animal products from their diet.

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10 vegan recipes to keep you cool this summer

Summer has finally arrived! We’ve picked out 10 vegan recipes to see you through the heatwave.

A long overdue heatwave has seen temperatures reach upwards of 30°C this week, with more hot and sunny weather forecasted for this weekend. So what better way to celebrate (and navigate your way through the inevitable surge in ice cream vans and barbecues) than with some delicious, refreshing vegan recipes?

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4-ingredient vegan lemon and rosemary ice lollies

Do summer the Miller Green way with our vegan lemon and rosemary ice lollies.

Whether it’s down to the muggy weather or our cataclysmal political climate, we can bet our fellow British residents have been feeling just as hot and bothered as we have lately. To help you weather the storm, we’ve come up with a simple, fuss-free recipe for delicious vegan ice lollies.

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Elderflower cordial – summer in a bottle


Nothing says summer has begun more eloquently than those bursts of creamy white elderflower appearing in hedgerows and woodlands across the country. As the bluebells and hawthorn blossoms of the spring recede and the landscape settles into early summer, the elderflower emerges in abundance.  As it does so, it gives us the opportunity to capture and bottle the taste of summer. Read more ›

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A number of studies have found that people who eat vegetarian diets have lower rates of chronic disease and often live longer than those on predominantly meat-based diets.

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