Mac’n’Cashew Cheese



The ultimate comfort food.  Macaroni pasta with roasted cherry tomatoes, roasted mushrooms and lightly steamed kale, all smothered in our creamy cashew cheese sauce.  Why not order a salad to go with it?

Approx 450g
Please note this dish is no longer gluten-free although we can usually make up a gluten-free version with a little notice.  Please call us if you would like a gluten free option to check availability.

ALLERGEN INFO: Wheat, nuts (cashew), soy (miso), mustard


Please note: From Feb 12 we are no longer making one-off deliveries other than for our subscription customers.
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Vegan diets are usually higher in fibre, magnesium, folate, vitamins C and E, iron and phytochemicals, while tending to be lower in calories, saturated fat and cholesterol.

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