We want our food to appeal to everyone, not just vegans and vegetarians, so we test our dishes on a panel of regular meat eaters, including professional chefs, to see whether they pass muster with them.

Here are a few comments from our most recent tasting session:

“delicious earth flavours”
“nice depth of flavour; complex”
“Great texture, creamy top, well seasoned “
“Heavenly! Light, fragrant, crunchy, rich, spicy, right amount of heat “
“Crisp, light, herby – excellent “
“Excellent.  Good earthy, veggie flavours “
“Excellent – flavours meld together – crisp pastry”
“10/10  nuff said”
“A triumph”

And from a few of our delivery customers:

“I’m so glad to find a 100% vegan local business, and the staff are so helpful and lovely. Main dishes are always flavourful and filling and amaaaazing desserts! Totally recommend!” — Salman

“Just had a delicious meal of vegan korma, vegetable plait and hummingbird cake. Delivered promptly and absolutely delightful food enjoyed by myself and my non vegan boyfriend . I would highly recommend.” — Emma

“I didnt know vegan food could taste so good! Lovely people too. My favourite is the coconut cauliflower curry. Moroccan chickpeas and lentil stew also excellent!” — Ciara

“Enjoyed a delicious vegan curry this evening courtesy of these lovely folk. So nice after working over dinner time teaching yoga to come home and have a healthy dinner ready on the table! Thank you guys!” — Kirsty

“Absolutely delicious food — always full of flavour, filling and yummy! Would totally recommend especially if you are busy and have no time to cook properly. Can also not fault their thoughtful customer service.” — Bryony



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People following a vegetable diet have lower rates of a number of health problems, including excess weight and obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, gallstones, kidney stones, constipation and diverticular disease.

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